Tree Removal Auckland Whitford

A-class Tree Services provides a comprehensive tree and hedge maintenance and removal services throughout Auckland. Removal and maintenance of trees and hedges is a job for experienced and skilled professionals. If you have overhanging branches, unhealthy and damaged trees, or require tree removal and trimming for aesthetic reasons, we can take care of it for you safely.

We have the skills, equipment and expertise to take on any job in Auckland! Once we have completed our work, we leave every site clean and tidy.

Give Josh a call and he will be happy to help you in any way he can!

Auckland’s complete tree service

Tree care from top to stump! A-class Tree Services has all the experience, skills, and equipment to complete any professional tree, hedge or palm maintenance and removal needs in Auckland. If you have a tree that looks as if it, or parts of it might fall, please call us immediately for the safety of everyone. Similarly, if a tree or part of a tree has fallen on your property, give us a call straight away and we can deal with it in no time. Our services are second to none in Auckland!

Our services include Trimming and pruning, Full tree removal, Hedge Trimming, Hedge and tree Removals, Tree Reduction, Thinning & Crown lifting, Mulching, Palm Tree Pruning, Garden Clearance, Tree care, and Emergency service.

Tree removal

Just like everything, trees and hedges can get sick and they can die. Josh can advise you on the life expectancy of your trees or hedges, therefore how long you will be able to keep them. When a Tree is dead, diseased, damaged, in a dangerous condition or position, it may need to be removed. Always call the professionals at A-class Tree Services, we can remove your trees and hedges with maximum safety and effectiveness.


Trimming and pruning is necessary for trees and hedges to stay healthy, strong and maintain a suitable and aesthetically pleasing shape. When a tree is pruned properly it will require less maintenance and is far less likely to become a safety hazard in the future. At A class tree services can trim any size and shape of hedge and we guarantee a high standard of finish, we recommend regular trimming of most hedges every 6-8months to maintain good shape and thickness. A-class Tree Services can also give you advice on how to properly care for your trees and hedges, and what to expect from them as they grow.


The lifting and removal of palms is a specialised job in which A class tree services have the experience and expertise to handle. Whether you want your palms lifted and tidied up or a complete removal, A Class tree services can do it.

Tree Removal Auckland Whitford